Velatia finalises the equality plans to be implemented in all its companies located in Spain

  Equality plans, initiated in previous years, are applied in the remaining sixteen centres in the country, exceeding the legal requirements in this area Velatia reaffirms its commitment to equality

Velatia reduces its CO2 emissions by 42% compared to 2019

  In line with its environmental strategy, Velatia takes a step forward in reducing its CO2 emissions Taking into account the level of activity, in 2021 Velatia has managed to

We are launching our Sustainability Report 2021

  This report sets out, in a clear and standardised way, our activities as an organisation in the economic, social and environmental fields At Velatia we believe in sustainability as

Velatia awards several engineering students from the Monterrey Institute of Technology during the closing ceremony of the “Device Interconnection Unit” challenge.

Velatia and the Monterrey Institute of Technology close another year of collaboration to promote the training of future network and telecommunications engineers by tutoring different student projects around a technological

Javier Ormazabal Ocerin has been awarded the Euskadi Sariak 2022 prize by Deia

  Javier Ormazabal Echevarria, current President of Velatia, was in charge of collecting the award during the ceremony   Today, 28 June, the Euskadi Sariak 2022 awards ceremony was held,

“At Velatia we are aware of the lack of attraction that the industrial environment generates among women and we are working to turn this situation around”, Raquel Boyero, Director of the Talent Area at Velatia.

In a talk on the role of women in the industry, the Director of the Talent Area at Velatia highlighted the different external and internal initiatives in which Velatia participates

“The energy transition is not expensive, the problem is that we have started late as a society and now we need to accelerate”, Javier Ormazabal, President of Velatia

The President of Velatia reviewed current events on the energy transition at the round table “Energy transition in times of uncertainty”, organised by Cinco Días On 30 May, Javier Ormazabal,

Velatia participates in Innobasque’s report “Estimated Basque Country investment in R&D for 2022”

The report was drawn up by the Basque Innovation Agency (Innobasque) with the participation of the 12 leading research and innovation companies in the territory Velatia, a family, industrial and

The Bizkaia Business Network Association (Asociación de Empresas de Bizkaia en Red) presents Javier Ormazabal, President of Velatia, with the award for Best Professional Career

The award, corresponding to the 2020 edition that could not be held due to the COVID-19 emergency, was collected in person by Javier Ormazabal during the 11th edition of the

“In the industry there are many opportunities that allow you to participate and play a leading role in this change in society”, Maider Bilbao (Ormazabal)

The past 24th of March was a special day for industrial companies in Bizkaia, as the “Industry Day” was commemorated; an event organised by the Federación Vizcaína de Empresas del

Velatia adquires Supsonik

    Zamudio, 4 November 2021. Velatia has purchased Supsonik, a company with over 35 years of experience in the development of uninterruptible power systems. These systems are intended to

Javier Ormazabal, President of Velatia, participates in the inauguration of the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub (GSGIH), promoted by Iberdrola and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia

  The President of Velatia, who attended the opening ceremony of this centre as a representative of the industrial companies collaborating with the GSGIH, highlighted the fundamental role of this

Velatia takes part in the Industria Erronka project to promote future talent in industry

The initiative, involving Bizkaia’s main industrial companies, aims to raise the profile of manufacturing work among young people and attract more women to the sector. Wednesday 22nd saw the presentation

Velatia publishes its new Sustainability Report

The report compiles all the news and developments relating to sustainability during 2020 At Velatia we believe in sustainability as a responsible growth opportunity, which is why, as in previous

Velatia cuts its annual CO2 emissions by 37%

Consuming electricity only from renewable sources as well as efficiency-oriented decision making have made this huge improvement possible In keeping with the strategy and goal of tackling climate change, and

Velatia President Javier Ormazabal: “Courage is a driver of innovation at Velatia”

The President of Velatia highlighted Velatia’s commitment to innovation and the long term during the conference on “The Age of Complexity”, organised by Deusto Business Alumni On 16 June, Velatia