We put the finishing touch to the second edition of the ARCO programme

A final group of professionals, from Spain, Mexico and Colombia, closes the second edition of Velatia’s young talent programme Twelve professionals from Ormazabal and Ikusi made up the last group

Velatia hosts the European Family Businesses Federation at Ormazabal’s facilities

Velatia, a family-owned group member of Aefame (Family Business Association of the Basque Country) and of the Instituto de la Empresa Familiar (Spanish Family Business Institute), has decided to collaborate

“We must showcase what the industry represents and what it contributes to the future and to the environment,” Javier Ormazabal

The president of Velatia stressed the importance of industry together with other personalities from the business world during the “Alumni Day,” held by the Deusto Business Alumni community in Madrid

Javier Ormazabal, President of Velatia, was presented with the EY’s “Internationalisation Award”

The internationalisation award was presented at the 26th Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award ceremony EY Spain has recognized the work of the President of Velatia, Javier Ormazabal

Javier Ormazabal, President of Velatia, is recognised with the 26th EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Northern Region of Spain

The award, presented by Ernst & Young, aims to highlight those entrepreneurs who contribute to generating wealth and employment in their environmen In addition, Javier Ormazabal will compete, along with

Let’s make the industry fashionable

An article by Miren Loyola, Director of Velatia´s Corporate Services   “170,000 people work in the industrial sector, which represents 18.7% of the total number of people employed in the

Sustainability: more than a goal, a conviction

An article by Iciar Marquinez, Sustainability and Compliance Director of Velatia Much has been written, is being written and will be written about the relationship between sustainability and business, but

“We are an attractive destination for technology and industry professionals”, Luis Urkidi

Velatia Human Capital Director took part in an event held in London to publicise the economic and employment potential of the Basque Country for industry professionals On 3 November at

“A good methodology helps you to break down the barrier of conservatism that your past success generates”, Javier Ormazabal

  The president of Velatia stressed the importance of innovation processes and methodology during the round table Process innovation, key to sustainable competitiveness, organised by Euskalit Javier Ormazabal, president of

“We need to awaken vocation and interest in the industrial sector,” Raquel Boyero, head of talent at Velatia

Velatia’s head of talent took part in the round table Best Practices on Competencies and Talent Management, where she described the challenges in terms of attracting and retaining talent in

“Let’s make industry fashionable”, Miren Loyola, Director of Corporate services of Velatia

The Director of Corporate Services of Velatia shared a round table with other representatives of Basque companies during the event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Deusto Business Alumni The

Velatia finalises the equality plans to be implemented in all its companies located in Spain

  Equality plans, initiated in previous years, are applied in the remaining sixteen centres in the country, exceeding the legal requirements in this area Velatia reaffirms its commitment to equality

Velatia reduces its CO2 emissions by 42% compared to 2019

  In line with its environmental strategy, Velatia takes a step forward in reducing its CO2 emissions Taking into account the level of activity, in 2021 Velatia has managed to

We are launching our Sustainability Report 2021

  This Sustainability Report 2021 sets out, in a clear and standardised way, our activities as an organisation in the economic, social and environmental fields At Velatia we believe in

Velatia awards several engineering students from the Monterrey Institute of Technology during the closing ceremony of the “Device Interconnection Unit” challenge.

Velatia and the Monterrey Institute of Technology close another year of collaboration to promote the training of future network and telecommunications engineers by tutoring different student projects around a technological

Javier Ormazabal Ocerin has been awarded the Euskadi Sariak 2022 prize by Deia

  Javier Ormazabal Echevarria, current President of Velatia, was in charge of collecting the award during the ceremony   Today, 28 June, the Euskadi Sariak 2022 awards ceremony was held,