Telecommunications and IT networks

We facilitate and implement secure telecommunications and IT networks

We design, implement and manage technology and infrastructure for telecommunications, providing our knowledge and experience for different sectors such as Telecommunications Operators, Business Market and Government; offering monitoring, support and proactive management in all kinds of infrastructures.

To do this, we bring our knowledge and experience in comprehensive and reliable solutions for network infrastructures: cloud solutions, cybersecurity and collaboration tools, as well as comprehensive management services to create a business experience.

Velatia: Servicios


Monitoring, support and proactive infrastructure management.

Velatia: Nube


Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and managed IT services.

Velatia: Ciberseguridad


Threat Intelligence, Threat Protect and Protect Security.

Velatia: Colaboración


Smart Parrot and advanced collaboration services.

Innovative alternatives for technological architectures.

Velatia companies offering solutions in telecommunications and IT networks