Velatia: logotipo de Ikusi

Technological integration and engineering

Accompanying companies and organisations in their digital transformation process

Ikusi specialises in technological integration, engineering and development services for the digital transformation of businesses. It works together with its customers to understand the particular characteristics of their business and then make it evolve by exploiting the full potential of technology and associated services. It operates in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru and has 700 highly qualified employees.

Ikusi is a tech-based services company. A technology integration and engineering partner with fifty years of experience doing what it does best: transforming its customers’ operational processes and making them more efficient by combining the best of the ICT and operational technology (OT) worlds.

Ikusi specialises in offering its customers critical services based on three main pillars: cybersecurity, digitalisation and services.

Lines of business

Velatia: Redes de telecomunicaciones TI

Telecommunications and IT networks

Solutions for the digital transformation of businesses.

Velatia: Proyectos de integración e ingeniería

Integration and engineering projects

Complex integration and turnkey engineering projects, collaborating with the leading technology partners in their sectors of activity.

We facilitate and implement secure telecommunications and IT networks

We use technology as a base to design integration and engineering projects

We promote the development of business through digital transformation



Paseo Miramón, 170 · 20014 San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa), Spain


+ (34) 943 44 88 00