Velatia: logotipo de Ikusi

Engineering and technological development

Accompanying companies and organizations in their digital transformation process

Ikusi is an expert in digital solutions and high-value-added services based on advanced technologies, which, with anticipation, increase operational efficiency, revenue and user experience, responding to the needs of its customers in the new scenario of digital disruption.

Through profound technological knowledge applied to the business in various sectors, it proposes solutions that link the improvement, optimization and digital transformation of companies.

Technology oriented from flexibility, agility and anticipation that results in competitive advantages for companies and organizations projecting their future.

Ikusi makes the complex simple.

Lines of business

Velatia: Redes de telecomunicaciones TI

Telecommunications and IT networks

Solutions for the digital transformation of businesses.

Velatia: Proyectos de integración e ingeniería

Integration and engineering projects

Complex integration and turnkey engineering projects, collaborating with the leading technology partners in their sectors of activity.

Velatia: Soluciones de negocio especializadas

Specialized business solutions

Specialized business solutions aimed at the digital transformation of different sectors.

Velatia: Alta tecnología electrónica

High technology electronics

Design and manufacture of electronic components and associated services.

We facilitate and implement secure telecommunications and IT networks

We use technology as a base to design integration and engineering projects

We promote the development of business through digital transformation

We design and manufacture electronic components and associated services for different lines of activity



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