Electric networks

We develop technological solutions for the electric network

For over 55 years, we have been collaborating in the development of the most innovative technological solutions with the leading players in the generation, transport, distribution and consumption of electric power. Solutions that currently operate across the 5 continents providing a service to the most critical energy infrastructures.

In the search for a carbon-free economy, we promote the total evolution of electric networks, providing them with the capacity to assume a new energy mix with a greater presence of renewable energies, as well as infrastructure to meet the needs of sectors such as transport, which is currently in the middle of a revolution with the irruption of the electric vehicle.

Thus, as a result of our experience in electric networks, we offer an exceptional service through reliable and efficient technological solutions based on a global industrial footprint ready to face the demanding challenges of the future.

As a result of our experience in the renewable energy sector, Velatia offers reliable and efficient technological solutions.

Velatia companies that offer solutions for electric networks

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