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A deep-rooted family and global brand…

Velatia: Evolution

Evolution of the brand

In 2012, as backing to our global growth strategy, we gave ourselves a new common brand image worldwide. Since then, Velatia accompanies our companies’ brands as backing from a solid industrial group, committed to its customers.

A new corporate image for a new stage that synthesizes common values.

Why Velatia?

Velatia comes from the latin “Velatida”

This order of starfish, categorized in 5 families, is characterized by a very robust centre, with great capacity for regenerating its limbs. Velatida are found in all oceans and seas, making them a global phylum of the animal kingdom. Blue and orange represent the colours of our roots as a company.

Positioning of Velatia

The raison d’être of the Velatia brand is our customers.

We are fully devoted to them, to accompany them and place competitive technological solutions in their hands. And the heart of the brand is the more than 3,700 people worldwide who share a common culture and a way of doing things to make our environment and our planet more sustainable.

Global, with a local conscience

Velatia cultivates a brand culture based on the balance between the global and the local.

We combine the knowledge of the markets in which we operate with the experience in projects implemented on the five continents to accentuate the values of our brand.

With this, we want to contribute to improving our customers’ competitiveness and the progress of the environments where we are located. Thinking of today and also of tomorrow.