Components for aeronautics

We are in the future generation of aircraft

Velatia’s commitment to innovation and technological development has not only allowed us to grow but also to diversify our activities in cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics. We participate in the programs of the main manufacturers worldwide, both commercial and defence aircraft.

Our technological capacity and customized manufacturing processes allow us to offer a differential advantage, highly valued by customers such as Safran, Rolls-Royce, Eurojet, Europrop, Pratt&Whitney or Honeywell.

Like the all other industrial sectors, the aeronautical sector faces great challenges. Innovation and new manufacturing technologies, the development and improvement of competitiveness throughout the chain, or sustainability, are challenges that will require everyone’s commitment. At Velatia we are ready to be part of the future generation of aircraft.

Every twenty-four seconds a plane containing our components takes off.

Velatia companies that offer components for aeronautics