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Velatia is a family, industrial and technological group composed of companies that offer advanced technological solutions in line with the development of the smart city.

We are in the electric networks, helping with the deployment of smart grids. We accompany our customers in their digital transformation process. And we also contribute in sectors such as aeronautics, energy services, electromechanical engineering or concrete prefabricated houses.

Our projects combine global experience and in-depth knowledge of the markets in which we operate. This allows us to be able to tackle any project, wherever it is, swiftly and efficiency.

” As a family group we see and do things in a certain way. As president of Velatia I am proud to highlight this condition as an essential part of the heart of our group.

In the world where technology and innovation are our main guarantees, I also consider bringing qualities intrinsic to a family business such as long-term vision, flexibility or strong attachment and relationships to people and our environment to be an added value “.

I also consider bringing qualities intrinsic to a family business such as long-term vision to be an added value.

” These values, on which my father founded this industrial project in 1967, are what have guided us along the way. From this extraordinary entrepreneur I have learned a way of doing things that has lasted to this day. Continuing this legacy was a great challenge for my family and I, which is why we are particularly satisfied to have achieved it.

More than 50 years later, we are an international group present in nineteen countries and composed of more than 3,200 people who share the same mission, vision and values.

We look to the future with the confidence of those who know that they have the determination, the opportunities, and the wind behind them “.


President of Velatia

Velatia has grown thanks to the enthusiasm, commitment and quality of the people who are part of a multigenerational and multidisciplinary team, which has guided us along a demanding path backed by innovation. These people have correctly interpreted our customers’ needs, providing solutions and developing new abilities; also giving us an unbeatable starting position based on our brand’s good reputation. In short, we have helped our customers grow and as a result we have grown with them.

However, even though we have more abilities than ever; it is not enough. We are in a period of exponential transformation, in which digitalization is rapidly reconfiguring the value chains of the sectors and environments in which Velatia is present. Maintaining our customers’ trust requires us to respond to new and complex challenges that put our innovation model to the test. In addition to the development of solutions based on products, systems and services, we must now support our customers in business models and renewed value propositions ”.

At Velatia we also have innovation in our DNA, not just technology. That is the maxim that has guided our work since 1967.


Vice-President of Velatia
Velatia: Alejandro Ormazabal
Velatia: Iciar Marquínez

“ Ethics and integrity are two inseparable words for Velatia. We share a culture based on common principles and values, combined with a commitment to sustainable development.

Our Code of Ethics guides the behaviour of all members of our organization, as well as our suppliers and customers, in accordance with the laws of each country and respecting the individual nuances of different cultures. We have an Ethics and Corporate Crime Prevention Committee that ensures compliance, and an Ethics Channel accessible at all times to inform of any irregular behaviour that may arise ”.

We include our values -flexibility, leadership, innovation, pragmatism, support- in each of our actions. They reflect our way of being and guide us in our daily activity.


Internal Audit Director

“ We are a living group in constant evolution, with our five senses always alert to identify new business opportunities and talent in our environment and through intrapreneurship.

We back innovation to adapt to the current rate of change and transformation that we experience in the sectors in which are active, constantly exploring new paths, products and services that help us meet the group’s objectives. We maintain regular collaborations with universities, technology and innovation centres, suppliers, partners, experts, and we also support start-ups seeking mutual benefit ”.

The future belongs to those who dare to look beyond it, to go one step further. At Velatia we have internalized this reality because we want to be part of that future.


Director of Business Development
Velatia: Joseba Jayo
Velatia: Fernando Zabalgogeazcoa

Velatia is synonymous with trust and rigorous financial management. This is the framework that guides our behaviour to achieve sustainable growth.

We are a group of companies built on five mainstays: family, industrial, technological, global and benchmark; with common values and culture. More than 3,200 people from more than 20 countries, offices in 19 countries, 15 manufacturing centres, a technological research centre… are some of the figures that describe Velatia, but above all, we are a group that is proud of its past and is advancing towards the future ”.

Our organization is diverse. Rather than a characteristic, for us it is a source of mutual enrichment and a generator of value and competitiveness. Between all us we make Velatia.


Chief Financial Officer of Velatia

“ Society demands a decarbonized economy and that is leading us to witness a true energy revolution from generation to consumption. In this new reality, Velatia, and Ormazabal in particular, are playing an active part in building the future of the electrical system.

This revolution poses major challenges, including: The integration of renewable energies, the irruption of the electric vehicle or the empowerment of the consumer who wants to be an active element of the system; among others. To answer them we have specific solutions to equip the electricity distribution network with the most modern technology developed on the foundations of our more than 50 years of experience ”.

We have specific solutions to equip the electricity distribution network with the most modern technology developed on the foundations of our more than 50 years of experience.

“ In short, great challenges that we see as great opportunities to continue growing with our customers and making the future come now ”.


CEO of Ormazabal

“ The digital transformation is raising great challenges for our organizations where hyperconnectivity and technology are quickly breaking through to the world we know, illuminating a new world yet to be defined.

The innovative technologies developed by Ikusi under the protection of Velatia, thanks to our extensive knowledge of over forty-five years of activity, allow us to offer solutions to transform cities ”.

We make people's lives more comfortable, sustainable and safer thanks to the intelligent management of infrastructures and a lesser impact on the environment.

“ Which is very important if we take into account that 50% of the world’s population lives in cities and that the number is increasing exponentially. Thus, we make people’s lives more comfortable, sustainable and safer thanks to the intelligent management of infrastructures and a lesser impact on the environment.

These challenges are undoubtedly very great and we tackle them with enthusiasm to continue contributing our knowledge and experience in making a better future for all possible ”.


Ikusi Managing Director

Solutions that add value

Because our customer’s success is our success, we work to provide specialized solutions in all of the business lines.

Our extensive experience in industrial processes and technological capacity allows us to respond to the high pace demanded by the markets’ evolution with increasingly complex and specific processes.

Solutions for the future with which we want to contribute to the evolution of the sectors in which we are present and to make our world a more intelligent and sustainable place for everyone.