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Reliable innovation. Personal solutions.

A strategic ally for electric networks and smart grids

Ormazabal is a strategic provider for the world’s principal electrical utilities. Our priority objective is to gain their trust, along with that of the industrial, infrastructures and services and renewable energy sectors, as well as other indirect customers.

Our service is based on a collaborative relationship with our customers and partners, to whom we offer our in-house technology and innovation, while providing extensive experience and knowledge. Without a doubt the best way to move forward is to grow together.

All this is possible thanks to the involvement of a highly-qualified team and our close relationship with our customers via an extensive network of commercial offices and manufacturing sites, as well as local partners worldwide.

Business Segments

Velatia: distribución pública

Public Distribution

We are the trusted partner for the distribution of efficient and smart electric energy. Our innovative approach and the close relationship with the utility companies allow us to provide customized products and services in accordance with the specific standards and specifications, as well as international and local standards.

Velatia: Energías renovables

Renewable Energies

We are probably the most experienced company offering its services to the best companies in the world. Our continuous development of electrical solutions, both for internal interconnection as well as distribution and network connection, especially in wind and solar energy, based on our practical knowledge in these applications, complies with the following necessary requirements:

  • Efficiency: solutions that work uninterruptedly under the most demanding installation conditions and with the minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Security: over people and capital goods, meeting the international and local electrotechnical regulations and standards.
  • Sustainability: throughout its service life, taking into account its environmental impact in all our activities.
Velatia: usuarios finales

End users

We are experts in the provision of turnkey power solutions worldwide. We offer a full range of products and services, from initial consultancy and engineering to subsequent planning and execution in electric and automation projects, including all necessary communication systems.

We play a part in the expansion of the electric sector with advanced and reliable solutions for a safer and more intelligent supply.



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