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Technology for a new electric world

Experts in customized and high-tech electrical solutions for your challenges

Ormazabal works in order to transform the electrical grid into an infrastructure for the future: more reliable, resilient and sustainable.

We design and manufacture solutions aimed at digitalizing the electrical grid to integrate more renewable energy generation, enable more sustainable mobility and guarantee the power supply to buildings and infrastructures with critical energy needs.

Our purpose is to lead the technological evolution of electrical networks, enabling the energy transition to a sustainable model.

Business Segments


Smart & digital grids

We respond to the new requirements of electrical grids to optimize their management and improve safety and continuity of service.

We develop native digital solutions in medium and low voltage transformer substations. Our equipment incorporates the necessary sensors, electronics and communications to ensure the automation of the grid and, simultaneously, its optimization as assets.


Green generation & storage

We design together with you the solution that guarantees the perfect integration of your renewable generation and storage project into the medium voltage electrical grid.

We develop electrical solutions that respond to the specific needs of this type of units, whatever their location and size is, with fully integrated and tested equipment, in which we adapt our protection and control systems, according to the grid conditions required by the system operator.


Green mobility

We respond to the electric power supply infrastructure, guaranteeing connection to the grid.

We provide integrated grid connection solutions, adapting them both to the present and future needs of the recharging infrastructure and to the requirements of the distribution system operator.


Sustainable buildings & infrastructures

We respond to the electrical connection and distribution of this type of infrastructures, contributing to their safety, continuity and efficiency in the electrical supply.

We offer customized attention to each project in each of its phases, designing in each case the optimized solution that meets the specific need for installation and operation. We provide integrated electrical solutions for the infrastructure, incorporating the most sophisticated automation, control and protection systems.

We play a part in the expansion of the electric sector with advanced and reliable solutions for a safer and more intelligent supply.



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