Velatia: logotipo de Smarmec

Design engineering and development of electromechanical solutions

Smarmec offers mechanical and computer engineering solutions in the area of intelligent machines, with its own capabilities for the manufacture of prototypes and small series.

Due to its high specialization, it can provide added value in processes of high technological complexity in additive manufacturing and joining technologies.

Smarmec’s proven capacity for innovation makes it a key partner for demanding projects where precision is not an option. Helping to make machines smarter and smarter.

Lines of business

Velatia: Soluciones singulares

Unique solutions

Smarmec is the result of our continued commitment to innovation and to the high degree of specialization of the knowledge applied to the design, materials, manufacturing technologies and logistic flows. Obtaining as result unique solutions at the service of our customers.

Velatia: Prototipos y series cortas

Prototypes and small series

We are experts in joining technologies and cosmetic finishes and have proven experience in the manufacture of prototypes and small series, providing added value in technologically advanced differential processes.

Velatia: Series largas

Mass production

We have extensive experience in the development of serial production backed by suppliers that multiply our manufacturing capacity at different international locations.

We provide engineering for the most demanding challenges and integrated technological solutions in everyday tools.



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