7 Smart Cities keys that will help future Megacities

Today we are going to review how 7 Smart City mainstays can benefit future “megacities” in the challenges they will find during the following years  Future cities will house the 70% of the world

How is impacting the urban sprawl on our life quality and on the environment?

The European Environment Agency (EEA) and the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) published a report, on last June, that explains the impact of the urban sprawl on the environment and

The 9th International Concrete Conference 2016

Environment, Efficiency and Economic Challenges will be the main topics of a Concrete Conference that wants to put in prospective the market From 4 to 6 of July, the concrete

Green Week 2016, “Investing for a greener future”

The Green Week event, organized by the European Commission in Brussells, will discuss from Monday, 30 May to Friday, 3 June, about the European environmnet policy Wich one is the