Spain promotes renewable energy investment in the Canary Islands with 460 million euros

The Spanish government has announced a comprehensive plan to promote renewable investment in the Canary Islands in order to accelerate the energy transition. Last week a joint presentation ceremony took

India’s renewables investment grew between April and July

India’s renewables sector received a total investment of $6.6 billion in the second quarter of the year, surpassing the total investment in 2020 India’s renewable energy sector is in good

Bristol wins global Smart City award

The British city has defeated other opponents like Barcelona, Dubai, New York, Singapore and Yinchuan during the GSMA´s 2018 Global Mobile Awards Wich is the Smartest City of the world?

Australia joins International Solar Alliance

Australia´s foreign minister Julie Bishop has announced that the country has signed the  solar agreement to join to the ISA    Australia seems to continue it unstoppable road to a

Have you assisted to the Innovation Expo in Amsterdam?

Discover the aftermovie of the Innovation Expo that the organisation has published for all the visitants [youtube] Design, water management, energy transition, food production, mobility, logistics and governance: Smart