Spain promotes renewable energy investment in the Canary Islands with 460 million euros

The Spanish government has announced a comprehensive plan to promote renewable investment in the Canary Islands in order to accelerate the energy transition. Last week a joint presentation ceremony took

Capital Energy requests permission to install four wind farms in Aragon with a combined total capacity of 504 megawatts

The Ministry for Ecological Transition has made public the applications for authorisation to execute these wind farms in Aragon, capable of producing more than 1.5 million megawatt hours of clean

India’s renewables investment grew between April and July

India’s renewables sector received a total investment of $6.6 billion in the second quarter of the year, surpassing the total investment in 2020 India’s renewable energy sector is in good

The U.S. will triple its energy storage capacity in three years

The United States, the world's largest economy and the second-largest consumer of electricity on the planet, is laying the foundations for a future in which its power grid will be increasingly connected to energy storage sources. Indeed a report by the U.S. Energy Administration (EIA) estimates that the United States will triple its energy storage capacity in just three years.

Quantum dot solar cells, the latest revolution in solar energy

A new solar cell technology, based on a type of nanoparticles known as "quantum dots", has set a new world record for converting solar energy into electricity for human use.

Europe reached a record in the offshore wind installations during 2019

The European continent added 3.6 GW of offshore wind to its energy generation capacity, reaching a new record

The energy future of Saudi Arabia: 60GW of renewable energy by 2030

The arabic country could install a total of 60GW of renewable energy, as has been known in an interview with the UAE state news agency, WAM Dr. Khalid bin Saleh

Goodbye to the coal power plants in the Netherlands by 2030

The European country will also reduce its emissions by 49 percent for that year The Dutch Government confirmed during 2018 that the coal power plants in The Netherlands will dissapear

Bristol wins global Smart City award

The British city has defeated other opponents like Barcelona, Dubai, New York, Singapore and Yinchuan during the GSMA´s 2018 Global Mobile Awards Wich is the Smartest City of the world?

Australia joins International Solar Alliance

Australia´s foreign minister Julie Bishop has announced that the country has signed the  solar agreement to join to the ISA    Australia seems to continue it unstoppable road to a