What does Sustainable Development Goal 7 consist of?

Sustainable Development Goal 7, Affordable and Clean Energy, is put forward as a “key” challenge for the future of our societies; let’s see why Can you imagine your life without

What is the day-to-day life of a female production female operator like?

Karla Zavala works on a production line at Ormazabal and tells us all about the day-to-day life of a female operator and the challenges she faces 8th March is marked

What is Sustainable Development Goal 5?

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment is the commitment under Sustainable Development Goal 5, which we will look at in depth today If every cause has an effect, every problem has

What are the keys to Industry 4.0?

Right now, it’s essential to know the keys to Industry 4.0. The First Industrial Revolution was marked by the leap from manual production to machine-based manufacturing. The Second Industrial Revolution

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

Also known as SDG´s, the sustainable development goals have become part of current social discourse. But do we know what they are?

How does an airport work?

Nearly everyone has passed through an airport at some point in their life. But have you ever wondered how such a complex infrastructure works?

Quantum dot solar cells, the latest revolution in solar energy

A new solar cell technology, based on a type of nanoparticles known as "quantum dots", has set a new world record for converting solar energy into electricity for human use.

Do you know how Internet reaches your home?

There are over 4.3 billion Internet users around the world, over half the world´s population, but do we know how it works?

Do you know how an aeroplane´s jet engine works?

Over 30,000,000 planes take off around the world every year, and the number is still rising. But do you know how an aeroplane's jet engine works? Velatia's latest Smart&Easy has all the details

The electric vehicle, a journey through almost 200 years of history

Did you know that the first electric car came before the first vehicle powered by a four-stroke engine?