T&D Europe launches its new website

The assotiation represents the electricity transmission and distribution equipment and services industry T&D Europe, that represents a industry of about 25€ billion and that employs about 200 000 people in the european territory, has published

The first Smart City of Eastern Europe is in Poland

Gdynia´s city hall, in northern Poland, has announced that the city has become the first smart city in Eastern Europe At last, Eastern Europe has its first smart city. The

Smart Grid market will reach USD 83.81 Billion by 2022

Smart Grid Market will reach USD 83.81 Billion by 2022

7 Smart Cities keys that will help future Megacities

Today we are going to review how 7 Smart City mainstays can benefit future “megacities” in the challenges they will find during the following years  Future cities will house the 70% of the world

CPaaS.io, an EU-Japanese Collaborative Project on Smart Cities

The collaboration between the European Union and Japan has inaugurated a new episode in the history of the economy with the aim of boosting the smart cities called CPaaS.io A

Günther Oettinger: “Europe needs a 700,000 million euros investment in digital infrastructure”

The European Commissioner boosts the idea of investing in digital infrastructure to be competitive with Silicon Valley and the Chinese digital industry The digital infrastructure will be a mainstay in

How does a Smart Airport work?

The Smart Airports are focused in the experience of the customer. Today, in Velatia Networks, we show you each device interacts in a Smart Airport Ikusi is an acknowledged IT specialist

Which are the most intelligent cities of the United Kingdom?

The UK Smart Cities Index, an expermiental study sponsored by Huawei and executed by Navigant Consulting, has stablished a top ten of the most intelligent cities of the United Kingdom

City Renaissance in the Digital Age, Florence May 30th – June 1st

Smart Cities in a Historical City, that´s the cocktail that the “City Renaissance in the Digital Age” offers for its visitants in the Italian city of Florence The City of

The 2nd Smart Cities India Expo

A huge population challenge because of a 1.251 million population growing year by year and a big problem in people´s needs management that will grow as fast as the indian economy grows.