Velatia: logotipo de Homm

A new concept in construction: concrete prefabricated houses

Homm designs and manufactures concrete prefabricated houses with an innovative production process, integrating and combining technology, energy and functionality in a unique experience.

This line of business is the result of the combination of Velatia’s technological capacity and know-how in this material over years of experience. It reflects our desire to look for new ways to innovate.

A commitment to efficiency, quality and safety to create smart, affordable homes and environments on a human-scale.

Lines of business

Velatia: Viviendas prefabricadas

Prefabricated homes

The industrial manufacturing system of Homm homes meets the quality control standards of industrial processes.

We open new doors for people’s lives.



Arteaga 9, Txorierri Etorbidea, 48160 Derio, Bizkaia. Spain


+ (34) 90 026 11 26