Do you know how an onshore wind farm works?

Wind energy is based on harnessing the power of the wind to generate electricity, but do you know what’s behind the process and how an onshore wind farm works? Many

What is green energy and what generation sources does it include?

Did you know that green energy is renewable but not all renewables are considered green energy? This explanation of 100% renewable energy will surprise you You’ve probably heard, either on

Wind power finishes 2021 as the main source of electricity generation in Spain

Red Eléctrica de España’s annual end-of-year report puts the wind power share in the Spanish energy mix at 23.3%, the primarily renewable contribution at 46.6% and the CO2 emission-free contribution

The United States installed more wind power than any other energy source in 2020

With a total of 16.8 GW, wind power installation in the United States exceeded solar and natural gas during 2020 Through its 2021 Land-Based Wind Market Report, the US Office

What was the world’s first wind farm?

Landscapes with wind turbines on the horizon have become a common sight, but do you know when the world’s first wind farm was built? It was 1981 when collaboration between

The wind is blowing in favour of wind power: 550 billion investment up to 2028

Installing wind power will represent investment of arround €550 billion over the next eight years

Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition says 1,400 GW of offshore wind is possible by 2050

The OREAC, an initiative led by major players in the offshore wind industry, thinks that the offshore wind will be crucial in the economic recovery

Europe reached a record in the offshore wind installations during 2019

The European continent added 3.6 GW of offshore wind to its energy generation capacity, reaching a new record